Will Amazon Smartphone Join #AmazonCart soon after the #AmazonEvent?

Amazon is launching its new product  in the second half of this month. June 18 is the supposed date for this launch as its official twitter account suggests. This much hyped product has already become the toast of town and being promoted through a teaser that shows public response towards it. Though the video does not unveil what people are actually appreciating (product is still a mystery, since that’s not shown in video) yet the buzz is strong that Amazon is ready to launch its 3D smartphone.

Yes it’s 3D. Didnt you hear the guy saying, “it moves with me”. From WSJ to Bloomberg all have been covering this news for a while now. Initial reports came with supposedly leaked images of this phone which is assumed to be the combination of Nexus 4 and iPhone 5.

Key features that are expected to be there include:

  • A glass free 3D display
  • Eye tracking (to control)

What’s this #AmazonEvent?

Amazon’s twitter handle shows “Join Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos for our launch event”. The image in tweet and the teaser released earlier make it almost definite that Amazon is ready with its new smartphone that has been speculated since very long.

Everything is under cover till now because nothing has been formally announced by the eCommerce king except the upcoming launch event. Still the market is sure that the upcoming launch event of Amazon is going to showcase this phone. Bloomberg’s latest reports also show that Amazon is ready for a face-off with Apple.

Will the new smartphone hit eCommerce market with #AmazonCart?

Yes, certainly if the smartphone releases on June 18 then possibilities are high that it could soon appear on twitter for sale too (using #AmazonCart). Like all other products, buyers would be able to add this smartphone using hashtag in reply to a tweet.

#AmazonCart allows you add items to cart for buying later but you need to link your Twitter & Amazon account for this. It’s as simple as it reads.You need not open the actual product page whenever you come across a product based tweet by Amazon. Just reply adding #AmazonCart and get the item added to your cart. It gets ready to buy whenever you switch to your shopping cart.


Social media has turned bigger & better with time. Being high on user engagement it offers massive opportunities to online stores. You can also integrate social media features to boost sales by ensuring conversions. FATbit internet marketing team suggests you employing innovative marketing campaigns through social platforms as they bring certain results when it comes to revenue generation.

Knowing all the buzz around Amazon leaves us with too many thoughts. Some of them point to eagerness & some apprehensions. Will Amazon be able to woo its existing customers with this new product or not? Will the eCommerce giant give tough fight to existing smartphone sellers or not?

What are your thoughts on it, Share with us and tell us how excited you are to see & buy 3D Smartphone by Amazon

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