Google announces New Ecommerce Analytics Tool to make Conversions easier

Ecommerce was never this easier before when Google analytics just focused on purchase details. The conventional analytics didn’t give a broad view of shopper behavior (as the new one gives) so enhancing it for ecommerce was much needed and Google has done it with new eCommerce Tracking Tool.

  • What your target visitors look for?
  • What made a potential buyer leave your page?
  • What stops you from increasing sales?
  • Why customers leave you at last phase of conversion?

The answer to all these questions lies with fact that today online businesses face stiff competition and understanding customers is most important. The new eCommerce analytics by Google offers clear vision of what your target visitors do while going through a website, where they stay and what they leave.

google ecommece analytics tool

As per Google sources, the enhanced eCommerce analytics explicates:

  • Product detail views
  • Add to cart actions
  • Internal campaign clicks
  • Checkout process
  • Purchase progression
  • Cart abandonment

The journey of customers right from where they start and where they stop can be tracked with the redesigned version. Now you can analyze how a buyer behaves before actually buying a product. You can also see what products get click and what don’t and perceive buyers interest closely. You can also use rich product meta data to quantify data in different parts. It makes analysis better.

Hire Professional Advisors for Advanced Customer Analysis & take Smarter Decisions with new eCommerce Analytics

As per product manager, the updated version is designed keeping present requirements of online retailers in mind. With Google analytics tracking code updates you can make your promotion better and utilize end user reports for treating your eCommerce issues. It will give you a fair idea of how your advertising activities are impacting sales and what is still undone. You may take help of user segments for re-marketing campaigns.

To use new eCommerce analytics of Google you require installing universal analytics. You can use these analytic primarily to:

  • Understand shopper and his behavior towards shopping funnel.
  • Optimize website for conversion using product lists and see which products are good at engaging customers.

This new Google eCommerce analytics cover entire shopping cycle and can generate best results in terms of profits if utilized well. As eCommerce experts FATbit recommends online store owners to bring their website under this new Google scanner to support goals with substance.

Use accurate facts to make your eCommerce experience more pleasing and conversion focused.

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About Daljeet kaur

Daljeet is an Internet Marketing Predictor at FATbit and has expert knowledge of ecommerce & conversions. She plays the role of identifying suitable marketing channels for clients and comes up with innovative ideas to boost their profit ratio.
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    Very useful and informative post….These tips helps in increasing sales…

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