You cannot make SEO work until these Errors Persist

To make SEO work you need not have a big budget plan or an astonishing Google theory to apply. All companies almost use same methods & techniques but they do it differently. This difference in approach is all what makes SEO work and fail.

Are you getting low or useless traffic even after hiring the best SEO Company?

It could be mishmash of SEO practices that’s probably leading to poor traffic and no improvement in online presence. Before we tell you more, tell us:

  • Are you getting enough unique visitors every month?
  • Do your visitors generate sales leads for you?
  • Are you able to convert those visitors?

It’s certain that your SEO plan lacks strategic implementation if your website is missing any of these 3 benefits. Having worked on many SEO projects, we have studied several such cases of irrelevant or low traffic and found following reasons why sometimes SEO does not give expected results:

Incomplete Optimization

Usually companies concentrate on 3-4 pages and ignore complete website while optimizing for search engines. This makes you an underachiever, limits potential traffic and thereby hurdles growth prospects. See, it’s as simple as that if you are getting 20 visitors a day (after optimizing just four pages of a website); you have the opportunity to make it 40 by optimizing rest of the 4 pages too. Why to close eyes to other pages of your website and miss the traffic that they can derive.
It is one of the most common errors and not even SEO agencies ever try to put this point forward, which keeps this tradition on eventually.

Focusing just on Search Traffic

SEO in 2014 is not just about bringing a website on the top of SERPs or wanting all relevant search queries to find your way. It rather focuses on optimizing website in a way that brings all four types of traffic- search, referrals, direct & social. But there is a conventional approach to focus on search traffic only, which restricts SEO and generates half of the complete traffic. As India’s trusted SEO agency, we recommend focusing on overall web presence so that you don’t miss any of the possible traffic. Pay equal attention to all 4 spheres and strategize your SEO activities to get visitors from all directions.

Wrong Internal/External linking

Linking strategy matters a lot in SEO. Your external as well as internal links have great impact on your PageRank & search engine rankings but most of the SEO mistakes tend to occur in this area only. The internal links you add on a website must be useful for users. Websites are seen using hundreds of link on page, which hampers content value and add nothing to user experience. Other things include linking to irrelevant pages, adding broken links, as this is strictly prohibited by Google.
Similarly while linking to external sites; people avoid checking the domain authority & relevance. Link optimization does not mean adding any-which link because Google only supports your links when they are making sense to user and adding value to its search system.

Pointless Content Sharing

You are wasting your time if the content you produce does not serve interests of online users. Offering what people search and what they want to know shall be your topmost goal. Planning content without keyword research is like sailing a ship without a map- it takes you nowhere. It neither helps you attract traffic nor improves your position in SERPs.

 Un-Optimized Images

Images lose keyword benefits if not optimized for search engine. The text in images does not get crawled by Google so using alt-tag is the way to make them SEO friendly. Image file name, file size & alt description- all three things matter enough for image optimization.

 Robotic Social Media Marketing

Sharing updates like all other do is the biggest mistakes of SEO & companies seem to repeat it. Social media complements SEO but only if you can deliver value to your social fans/networks/followers. Machine like approach does not work as sharing on networks is more of a connection building. It offers you lead, brings traffic & improves overall brand image that ultimately helps a website in search engine too. You cannot afford to miss powerful content strategy if sharable content is your goal.

Don’t Put Your Website in the Lowest Slot due to Unplanned Strategies

Invest in Right SEO

Every company applies more or less similar SEO methods but still show different results. All that differs is how you identify your weaknesses and turn them into strength by focusing on the growth prospects.

That’s how FATbit handles its SEO projects. We run an SEO check before planning strategies to attract traffic to a website. It increases possibilities of meeting expected results and makes our process more defined.

If you need any consultation from our SEO experts, then begin a discussion or else you may leave your comments below to share your views.

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How to Use Instagram for Business Promotion? Marketing Tips, Strategies & Promotion Ideas

Brands no longer create social media websites just for the heck of it. Today, social media channels are helping businesses generate product sales and business leads. In such a scenario, you cannot afford to ignore social biggies like Instagram.

In less than 2 years, Instagram build a highly engaged user base. From photographers to restaurant owners, everyone is using Instagram to market product and services. However, not everyone is doing it right.

We have already created how-to marketing guides for Google Plus, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. Now is the time to cover Instagram, the photo sharing app with 200+ million active users.

After reading this post, you will be able to create an Instagram marketing strategy that will increase social followers, push product sales, and generate various other business advantages.

Instagram Guide for Businesses

But before answering the question ‘how to promote your business on Instagram’, let’s list some Instagram facts and details for beginners;

Beginner’s quick fact guide to Instagram

  • Launched in October, 2010, Instagram is a social networking application based on photo & video sharing.
  • 13% internet users use Instagram on regular basis
  • The photo sharing site with digital filters is high on user engagement

More than 20 billion photos have been shared on Instagram and 60 million are shared every day.

Top examples of businesses on Instagram

Some brands are doing Instagram better than others. Check out the Instagram profiles of following brands to pick a trick or two for marketing tips;

  • Victoria’s Secret
  • General Electric
  • Sweet Pure Honey
  • Forever 21
  • Starbucks Coffee

People and celebrities use Instagram to share photos & videos with their friends, fans and loved ones. Brands use it to interact with their customers and run marketing campaigns. However, before doing any of it, you need to get started on the visual media sharing application.

How to get started on Instagram?

The very first thing you need to do for getting started on Instagram is downloading the application on your smartphone. Though you can access your Instagram account on your desktop, you need the application to sign-up and start image uploads.

businesses on Instagram

Pay attention to these points while creating your Instagram profile of your business;

  • Use business name as your Name and User Name
  • Use brand logo or graphic as profile photo. The image will be cropped in a circle.
  • Add website link and biography. Don’t forget to add the most important keyword in the latter
  • Link your account to your other social profiles. Presently, Instagram offers linking to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, Flickr, and VKontakte.

To click, edit and share images with Instagram, you need to keep some technical details in mind. Here are some of the most critical ones;

  • Instagram’s native photo size is 612px * 612px
  • The mobile application allows video recording of 15 seconds
  • Profile pictures are 110px * 110px
  • Instagram cover for new users is created with first 7 image posts
  • Biography can be 150 characters long. So, choose your words wisely.
  • Add brand or campaign hashtags in the bio.

Now that you know the details to create a superb profile, let’s learn the best way to promote business on Instagram.

How to use Instagram for business promotion?

Business owners use Instagram to promote products & services but not everyone is able to build a good following. Creating a detailed Instagram marketing plan is critical for success on the image focused platform.

Keep following Instagram marketing tips and ideas in mind to succeed;

Build initial audience – Your optimized Instagram profile is ready but you still need to get those initial follower base. Here are some tips to increase Instagram followers;
Make sure your images are unique and worth a LIKE. Also post frequently to appear in your followers’ feed.

  • Run a campaign to introduce your brand to Instagram users. Link it to LIKES or post an image that is a call-to-action itself.
  • Tell your fans on other social media profiles that you are on Instagram.

Running contests the right way – Instagram marketing campaigns needed to be planned very thoroughly to generate desired response from audience. Think about following points while planning marketing and promotion campaigns;

  • Set realistic goals for every campaign
  • Choose a brand focused hashtag for campaigns.
  • If you are running a reward based campaign, set up ground rules and how winners will be chosen
  • Promote your campaign on all the social media channels and deliver whatever promised

Running Instagram campaigns can be time-consuming and requires your constant attention. Because of this reason, business owners go for Instagram marketing services.

Get creative – Instagram users are young, confident, and love to experiment. Hence, using your Instagram account creatively can work wonders in many ways. Instagram marketers are always coming with new ideas and unique contests to connect with fans. While big brands hire top Instagram marketers to manage their activities, you can come up with engaging content on your own as well. Visit to get inspired.

Advantage of Hashtag InstagramGet the hashtag advantage– People use hashtags on Instagram to discover posts and become part of discussions. Hashtags also widen the reach of a campaign and help in content curation. However, #hashtaging #just #about #anything #won’t #work. Study Instagram ecosystem before choosing hashtags.

Make them part of your marketing campaigns to promote your business on Instagram. This will also create user-generated content.

Share variety of content– We already mentioned just posting anything will not keep your followers hooked. Create a content strategy for Instagram to plan regular posts and updates. Images of products, team and video snippets can be shared to create a variety of content. Old posts and images from community can also be shared from time to time.

Interact with fans- Make your Instagram fans feel special from time to time by mentioning them in comments and answering their questions. Professional Instagram marketing agencies give utmost importance to fan interaction and engagement. Sharing posts of your fans is also a good way to keep them hooked to your updates.

Advertise – Instagram also offers the option of paid advertising to help marketers get better coverage and results from the platform. Brands like Ben & Jerry’s and Levi’s invested in Instagram ads and increased brand awareness by almost 17%. Check out the advertising page to learn more about the products on offers.

Advertising on InstagramIf you want to generate product sales from your Instagram presence or generate buzz around a new product, pay attention to following points;

  • Feature customers using your products
  • Launch new products on Instagram if you have a good following. Join hands with influencers to make a bigger splash.
  • Share behind-the-scene pics, selfies, and also feature clicks from your offline marketing campaigns
  • Embed Instagram posts on blog to attract blog readers
  • Use filters to change the look and feel of your photos. You can also hire professional Instagram photographers to help you out with pictures.

Engagement on Instagram is high and with a little imagination, even professionals like photographers and architects can generate website traffic and client leads.

However, just like any social media marketing channel, Instagram also needs well-planned marketing campaigns and engaging posts to grab eyeballs. So, make sure you create an Instagram marketing strategy and consider technical factors before using the platform for promotion.

In case you don’t have the time, consult Instagram marketing experts to manage your marketing activities.

Share your online marketing queries in the comment section for expert advice.

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Google Author Photos are out of SERPs- What does it mean to Webmasters?

Although Google Authorship markup went through many changes in past too but never did the webmasters expect to see this exit as everyone was using it.

A test was conducted and it showed improved quality of search results on cutting down 10% to 15% of the author snippets in search which paved a way for this change. Matt Cutts had also announced last year that Google would reduce the number of Authorship markup in search.

google author images removed

The same was put to action in December and the search results started showing a significant drop in queries showing author photos. But then too the author photos just got reduced & didn’t vanish away.

NO Author Photos appear in Global Search now

Now, the bylines are linked to Google+ and no photos appear in search results.
John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google has cleared that the action has been taken to improve user experience across mobile devices. He has also confirmed that there is no difference in CTR after removing author photos, so it’s evident that the change is here to stay.

“We’ve been doing lots of work to clean up the visual design of our search results, in particular creating a better mobile experience and a more consistent design across devices. As a part of this, we’re simplifying the way authorship is shown in mobile and desktop search results, removing the profile photo and circle count. (Our experiments indicate that click-through behavior on this new less-cluttered design is similar to the previous one.)”

This excerpt seems to be clearing the air why Google actually removed author photos. It tells us that the search engine king is working hard to impress all its users and offering improved mobile experience is the proof. It’s a signal for all websites to upgrade their user experience as well since Google itself is working on it.

Google is improving its user experience every day. What are you doing to make it better?

Start Working on UX now

How does Google Authorship Matter Now?

Authorship still should not be taken as less important thing as bylines still display identity of author. Moreover if Google has not discarded author byline, it should be taken as a signal that the search engine still values it and considers it while displaying results. Other points to be taken into account are:

  • This has no influence rankings
  • Users can see authors name still in search
  • Authorship can still be used to have enriched snippets

If you are using Authorship markup, you are making it easy & simple for Google to watch what you are adding to search engine and how people are responding to it.

Google seems to be concentrating on author rank (as signaled by Matt Cutts in a Search Marketing Expo) so removal of author photos should be taken as just another implication of Google’s concern towards author authority. So, webmasters may keep working on building authors credibility & expect more changes in future from Google to evaluate, increase and define spectrums of authors trust.

Share your comments below on how you met with this change put forth by Google & tell us your perspective on authorship post this event.

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5 Things Your Reputation Management Company Might be Doing Wrong

Every online reputation management agency claims to remove negative links and feedback from internet but very few have the insights to do it. Internet reputation management has changed a lot in the past few years but some companies are still following the same old rules to achieve reputation results. Your reputation company might also be doing the same mistakes.

experienced reputation professionals

Top online reputation experts are here to tell you the possible reasons why your negative links and feedback are not disappearing from search results. Here the top points that might be responsible for bad reputation results;

Not using the power of social media

Social media profiles relevant to a business or personality are highly authoritative and attain rank very quickly on search results. Such profiles if optimized for appropriate keywords & phrases can quickly replace negative brand results. If your internet reputation management company hasn’t made social media part of their work strategy, then, it is time to question their expertise.

Not updating social profiles

Creating social media profiles is not enough. To make social profiles replace negative reviews, one needs to frequently update them. These updates can be in the form of making additions or changes in the profile details or posting regularly. Top reputation management professionals updates social media profiles aggressively to make sure social profiles reach first page results.

In case your internet reputation management firm is not doing this, don’t expect results any time soon.

Poor resource creation & interaction

A negative review on RipOff report is enough to kill the business and reputation of a brand. But what if your reputation management agency created another one while trying to neutralize it? A questionable comment on an industry relevant forum can go on to become a negative result. If your target audience is very active online, then, your reputation management partner has to be very conscious how it goes about creating positive resources.

Best reputation management agencies consult clients & share their plans before going ahead with implementation. When was the last time your reputation management company consulted you for doubts & issues?

Recover from negative reviews and search results within few months

Check Online Reputation Management Packages

Not exploiting Google’s favorite platforms

Just like social media platforms, there are various other websites that Google favors and ranks better than others. Websites like Slideshare, Crunchbase, Youtube, and blogging platforms quickly climb the search results to reach the first page. Leaving such websites out of your reputation recovery strategy could turn out to be a huge mistake. So, don’t forget to ask your brand reputation management agency about online channels being used for your project.

Not working with a planned approach

Handling reputation management projects with guesswork cannot remove negative links from search engine. Best online reputation management services manage projects in a planned approach and deploy vast range of online reputation management tools & techniques. In case your internet reputation management company didn’t share their work strategy before project commencement, you might have to wait a long time for results.remove negative links and feedback from internet

While undertaking research work to create this post, we realized that people also search reputation management software to recover from bad links & reputation damage. So, let’s take time to clear the air about online reputation management software.

Truth behind Online Reputation Management & Recovery Software

If you want to remove negative reviews from internet, and think reputation management software can help you, then, you are mistaken. Reputation management tools and software can only help you in creating strategy to build online reputation and monitor it for future threats.

Such reputation management tools can do little in fixing negative reviews on sites like ComplaintsBoards and RipOffReport. Neither can they help in pushing down negative search results on Google. Only online reputation management specialists can secure your business from bad reviews and links.

Is your present reputation management agency unable to furnish results in stated time? Are you finding it hard to treat negative reviews and feedback on internet?

Your present reputation partners might me missing some of the above listed points. Discuss your internet reputation management project with experts and learn how you can remove negative links from your business or brand related searches.

Discuss your reputation case with experts

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“Don’t Cry for Me Argentina”- What’s the Tale behind this Twitter Trend?

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s song from 1978’s Evita musical and Madonna’s version from 1996 got rekindled via twitter after Germany won Soccer final 2014 & twitter got its new trend- “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina“.


The phrase “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” (which is apparently a song) took not more than 24 hours to trend on twitter and has accumulated 33000 tweets by now. Users have flooded in tweets that involved one or the other joke or remarks tagged on Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany.

See few of the examples here:

Leave a comment to add your thoughts to it. Tell us what you feel about “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina”

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Death of Autograph- How Social Media changed Entertainment Business? Tells Taylor Swift

An op-ed in The Wall Street Journal by Taylor Swift has given digital marketers another reason to take social media more seriously for money-making. In this write-up, she shares about how social media is redefining relationship with fans and making for growth in entertainers’ careers. If viewed from the point of social media’s benefits, growth, role and importance in entertainment business, it largely points to following questions:

  • How social media defines your commercial value?
  • How to make social media work for you?
  • Is social media marketing worth it?
  • What makes you popular- your fans or your social presence?
  • Your popularity brings fans or fans bring popularity?


Taylor Swift, an American singer & songwriter has put forth some interesting points on the power of social networking sites. Her remark ‘Form a Relationship with Fans’ clearly suggests that social profiles are not mere for marketing but to connect with your audience.

Social Media fan following is for targeting Generation Z
Is that so?

If we go by the comments of famous music star then it’s not tough to believe that Social profiles have really got something to add to brand presence. Especially, if you are targeting Gen Z, as they are more likely to be taking & sharing selfies. It’s the generation born after millennial group that spends most of the time online. So, wooing them gives you bigger space on social platforms as well as their interest lists. This comment affirms how-

I haven’t been asked for an autograph since the invention of the iPhone with a front-facing camera. The only memento “kids these days” want is a selfie.

We usually come across this question, ‘What makes you popular- your fans or your social presence?’ The answer is here-

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. give so many options to share & express that your virtual presence becomes almost real and fans start adoring you like real. It’s true for all, no matter which industry you belong to.

But that’s still incredible for us to accept how likes, tweets and shares can get you a job in any industry. Actually it was until the truth got revealed by the music star in her recent writing. The following excerpt clears the story.

A friend of mine, who is an actress, told me that when the casting for her recent movie came down to two actresses, the casting director chose the actress with more Twitter followers.

After going through all the comments stated by the celebrated singer, it’s imperative to acknowledge the power of social media. Not just the music industry but all businesses believe & show a drift towards SMM owing to its great results in terms of brand popularity. Hence the future promises greater role of Social media networking for all businesses, brands(individual/companies) & organizations. Taylor swift’s comment somehow agrees to this as most of the fans are online now:

In the future, artists will get record deals because they have fans-not the other way around.

This is not going to end but increase as the internet penetration is on rise worldwide. So, if you are an aspired soul seeking recognition or commercial value for your work & being, then SMM is the right thing to do.

Social media can connect you with followers that you look for
Meet Followers -> Get Fame -> Earn Success

Now, the question is how to take these 3 steps. Well, your way goes through the top social media sites viz. Twitter, Facebook & Google+, if you are a singer, actor, writer, a performer or an entertainer for that matter. Start your personal pages/profiles on these platforms and communicate with fans & followers on regular basis. Although the best strategy to run a celebrity profile on social sites is to be original yet following things must be kept in mind:

For Twitter

Twitter is a micro-blogging site with vast user base. You just have 140 characters to share what you want, so it’s all on you how better you can use it to express yourself.

Moreover you need to know who your target audience is and whether or not they are present on this domain. Once you are clear about it & have complete knowledge of twitter followers & the kind of content that is shared & retweeted most, it becomes quite simple to begin connecting with your fans.

For Facebook

Making your Facebook page popular needs complete understanding of how the Facebook users react and what they look for. Few social media agencies may indulge in getting you fake likes but that won’t work in your favor as it’s useless while you are trying to connect with real audience. So, get familiar with Facebook first and then kick in your way.

For Google+

Google+ supposedly has few search advantages, so if you are serious about your online presence then it’s the network to hit on. It gives you great options for sharing and has 540 million active users. Learn more about G+ to make the best of this social network.

What Taylor Swift has tried to convey is true in context of present day show biz. Your online fans & actual popularity somewhat go together & influences your commercial value too. But, a professional from entertainment industry has various challenges to face while dealing with users publicly. So, knowing all implications and best ways to promote your social pages/accounts is quite a necessity. Make sure you keep it clear & uncomplicated whether you handle your social media presence yourself or hire an agency.

If you feel confused or have anything to ask, talk to social media partners who handle celebrities & entertainment brands.

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Do your Customers feel that you are the Best Seller Online?

Making your customers feel what you want is nothing but a cakewalk until you know their demands. For this to happen, you need to understand customer psychology and use it to shape your business strategy. Only the brands that understand what their target audience seeks are the ones who are capable of delivering it too & appear on the top of the online best sellers list.

Are you the top seller online or your customers still don’t count you among the best?

Online businesses that complain about lack of loyal customers or fail to grow brand value are the ones that keep struggling for coming in the list of customers’ favorites. To meet these goals you must focus on what customers really think.


These are the three elements that grow trust in your potential buyers as they are quite concerned about them. The brand that appears to be offering competitive price, best quality & valuable service often wins the game.

Since we are talking about online businesses, your conversion rate shows how the user reacts to your site. The big share of quality comes from your website usability. So, if you are actually trying to learn what customers want, you have to focus on following areas of website:

Customer Experience

It includes everything that makes buyer’s visit satisfying & notable. Customers’ likes & dislikes matter a lot to make it better and therefore help increasing sales too. Your website must be easy to navigate, have proper load time, offer easy checkout and be user friendly.

Ease of buying

Customers want to feel important, so if you offer them easiest way to buy, you are satisfying their urge to be important. Offer quick product search, give them product suggestions and add easy payment options.


Secure platform fosters reliability and helps in customers’ decision making process. Their demand does not limit till product only but security of online transactions is a major reason of consumer willingness to shop from a site. Use SSL certification for website and make sure your site is safe from hackers.

If you think customers are not happy with your website then conversion funnel could be an issue

Get Your Site Checked

Finally you’ve got to follow this 3 step approach that begins from advising and ends at support. It is kind of attracting, engaging and delivering what your visitors expect.

Advice, Serve & Support

(3 ways to woo online customers & increase conversion rate)


To advice your visitors you can add encouraging CTAs. Using call-to-action is useful only when you eventually serve the purpose with which user clicks. So, offer user-focused information architecture and make it satisfying for potential buyer.

Last but not the least is customer support. It plays crucial role in trust building, so offering convenient options for suggestions/ feedbacks/ complaints / queries is important.

Conversions & customers are tough handle so take analytic measures

FATbit (Web Design Specialist) can offer you more insights on how you can make your average going online business a brand that meets expectations and is loved by customers. We analyze user behavior and create websites accordingly. For personalized suggestions on improving your website performance, contact the team of conversion experts.

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