IceBucketChallenge – A Social Cause gone Viral has raised $22.9 Million

The whole social media seems to be flooded with #IceBucketChallenge videos after few famous names joined this compassionate wave. The challenge is basically a donation raising movement meant to pull together money for ALS patients. With its videos & mentions all over social media networks, it has turned bigger than expected.

 What is ALS

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that results in muscle weakness & inability to control voluntary movements.

 The IceBucketChallenge

Different stories cite different points about what made this challenge big on social networks but Pete Frates’ ice bucket video is said to be the starting point. Pete Frates himself was diagnosed with ALS in 2012 and his video led this trend after few friends followed.

4,277,164 tweets (by 18 Aug, 2014)

2.4 million Challenge Videos Uploaded (by 19 Aug, 2014)

The challenge is to dump a bucket of ice water on one’s head & then give the same challenge to next three people. Those who take the challenge donate $10 & those who don’t want to take it, donate $100 and upload their videos within 24 hours giving the challenge to next person.

(The President of the United States, Barack Obama opted to donate $100 when Ethel Kennedy challenged him)

What’s behind viral IceBucketChallenge videos?

The whole act changed when well-known personalities like Oprah Winfrey, Robert Downey Jr, Bill Gates, Gwen Stefani, Michael Zuckerberg, Taylor SwiftVin Diesel and Cristiano Ronaldo joined this contribution league. It’s one of the top trends on Twitter & Facebook since big names became the part of the challenge. Not just this, but the ALS foundation is reported to have raised $23 million by Tuesday, which is way higher than $1.9 million received last year (by July-Aug).

Mark Zuckerberg IceBucketChallenge

The influence of social media is vivid on this campaign but what saddens is the fact that the power of affluent celebrities is still absent. The social cause has sadly brought in more attention & less donations given the fact that the challenge has been taken by quite rich & famous folks. Only the Charlie Sheen’s challenge video shows $10,000 amount (instead of $10 or $100) donated for the cause.

What he says is worth mentioning here, “Oh, wait, that’s not ice. That’s $10,000 in cash, which I am donating to the ALS foundation. “Ice is going to melt, but this money is going to actually help people”

We hope this moves ahead better and Charlie’s message reaches more people who can contribute more to this cause. If you too want to be a part of it then go to and make your contribution as well.

Tell us what you liked most about this challenge & how your friends accepted it? Share your thoughts in comments.

Top 35 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Videos

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Why Celebrities cannot Ignore Online Reputation Management?

Why online reputation is a big concern for celebrities? This question was just another query to us until W3Police elongated this concept. W3Police is a well-known reputation management company that offers dedicated ORM services to various clients. Based on our last conversation with its team, we decided to create this post for sharing the risks, requirements & implications attached to a celebrity’s online reputation.


When Fame is your Bread & Butter

Celebrities’ professional success largely depends on their image. Who likes them who not, why people like them and why not, what they like about them & what not- these are the things which define their larger than life status and impacts their commercial worth too.

For them, reputation management acts like a tint that puts away the darker side and keeps the public glitter safe and shining. People love to gossip about celebs but not all of them speak good things; this is where reputation managing companies come in the picture.

A rumored tweet, fashion malfunction, or a slamming reply for that matter can bring you on the top of search results as soon as it trends or is retweeted. This is how most of the celebrity reputation disasters have happened. By investing in online reputation building one can be more prepared in advance & deal better with a negative situation. An ORM company monitors all activities of its celebrity client and controls the negative aftereffects from bring poorer.


What are the Potential Risks to Celebrities Reputation?


Mugshot is the most embarrassing thing for a celebrity as it tags you as unlawful person and raises many eyebrows among fans & acquaintances. Fake mug shots are even more distressing as they leave you dumbfounded & cause emotional loss. It takes a millisecond for a celebrity’s mug shot to turn up as spoof & trend on Twitter & Fabad online reputationcebook. This is how most of the celebrities’ memes have been created and propagated on web.

2.Morphed Pictures

Mutating pictures of famous people is one of the old drift but online freedom has made it all worse. Altered Celebrity images are shared on a great scale but that becomes difficult to handle when tricksters cross the line and make it offensive. Uploading indecent fake pictures to porn websites or sharing them in forums and communities are few of the cases that come forth usually.

3. Leaked/Tampered Personal Videos

Personal videos of sports-stars, filmstars & page-3 personalities leaked out on web hurt their image greatly. Whether the videos are real or fabricated, once people start watching them, the shares & views grow like a weed and give another chance to media & online users to gossip about a famous face.

4. Altered Social Updates

This has been the latest trend in the world of online promotion as celebrities’ social profiles are public and anyone who follows or likes them has direct access to what they write. Recently an Indian superstar Shahrukh Khan faced the trouble of modified twitter status that forced a controversy on him. The same resulted in endless hate messages, which took a while to stop.

shahrukh khan anti modi comments

You never know when some personal photographs of a crazy drink party or a spat with an ex become the talk of town with just one online share. The world out there talks about their favorite celebrities more than they talk about their president and always want to hear more (whether it’s positive or negative). Bad reviews, demeaning comments & mockery easily get viral on web so, a bad reputation takes nothing but an interesting gossip to emerge.

Control What People Speak & See About You Online

Hire ORM Experts

Celebrities with a bad reputation often lose hold over their professional success too. So, it’s obligatory to have ORM experts by your side to monitor what is spoken about you & to chuck out that impact negatively.

How Reputation Management Company deals with Celebrities’ Negative Online Reputation?

  • Keeping an eye on all social platforms
  • Handling negative comments & abusive remarks
  • Pushing down negative results in search engines
  • Promoting positive content about a celebrity

Living in the public eye cannot be stress-free when internet gives everyone so many options to share publically what they feel about you. From Lindsay Lohan to Kate Moss & Paris Hilton, all have faced image damage due to negative branding on web.

benjamin franklin quotes on reputation

W3Police conceives that stopping people from responding to your name is not the solution, especially for people from entertainment, sports or political world. Working on online reputation & keeping the reigns in your hand is the only way to protect your brand name.

As ORM experts, we make sure that our celebrity clients have strong defense system so that they are safe from the harms of paparazzi. The company works around negative sources that tend to defame a celebrity and follows strategic approach to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

You can get in touch with W3Police team to safeguard your online reputation from potential loss or consult if negative online results are hurting your celebrity status.

Don’t get roped into a Controversy – Get Ready to Control your Negative Reputation

Image Source:- [1]

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FATbit Team Celebrates India’s 68th Independence Day

India has come a long way from August 15, 1947, the historic day of India’s Independence. In the last 67 years, it has battled many evils to become a major contender for the title of World’s Next Superpower. On the occasion of India’s 68th Independence Day, FATbit team salutes the great nation and its countrymen.

Today, India is making its mark on the international level and leaving no stone unturned to make life better for its people. The world’s largest democracy is also appearing as the biggest IT destination of the planet, creating jobs for its citizens and making web ventures affordable for small & medium businesses.

Give your warm wishes to the country on this eventful day through a simple comment and spread the message of love & harmony.

May the country keeps on achieving great feats and scaling even greater heights.

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How to use Hashtag on top social sites? Marketing Strategy, Tips, and Tricks

Twitter activity analysis of Interband 100 companies highlighted that 97% of them shared at least one hashtag tweet in the last quarter of 2013.

use Hashtag on top social sites

This lone fact is enough to state how important #hashtags are becoming for top brands & businesses. While usage of hashtag as we know it evolved on Twitter, other leading social media brands like Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Tumblr embrace it over time. So, hashtag deserves your attention if you are creating a social media marketing strategy.

Read on to learn how to effectively use hashtags for social media marketing & everyday interactions on popular social platforms.

How to use hashtags for business?

People use hashtags like #love and #poetry to mark their tweets. However, using hashtags for business advantages is an entirely different ball game. Generating business advantages from search option requires appropriate use of hashtags.

Pay attention to following points before using hashtags for promotional posts;

  • Create relevant hashtags by using group of words. For example, if you are a local bakery shop in NJ, then, go for #BakeryInNJ. Don’t ever use #bakery #shop #in #NJ.
  • Think what your target audience might search before creating hashtags.
  • Don’t stuff your posts with hashtags. Think about readability as well.

Beginners Basics & Hashtag Facts

Hashtag (#) is used on social media sites to mark keywords or topics. It can be a single word or a group of words preceded by the symbol #. It is used by people to discover content and participate in conversations.

Interesting hashtag facts & stats;    

  • Chris Messina is credited for using hashtag for the first time, back in 2007
  • Twitter made hashtags clickable in 2009
  • Tumblr was the second major social media platform that started using hashtags. Instagram, Flickr and Facebook followed suit.
  • Cross-channel nature of hashtag has added greatly to its popularity.

Chris Messina is credited for using hashtag

Types of social media hashtags

People all over the world use vast range of hashtags to connect and engage with each other. This is the main reason why young marketers want to learn how to use hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, & other social sites.

Hashtags are usually categorized under following types;

Brand specific – These hashtags usually include company name. Big brands also use their tagline for these hashtags. Kit Kat for instance uses #haveabreak

Campaign specific – These hashtags are made as per campaign in question and usually have a small social life.

Location specific – These hashtags are widely used by small businesses to connect with local community.

Trending – A trending hashtag is one that is very popular presently. These hashtags usually represent a topic of discussion.

Popular hashtags - These hashtags are in popular usage and are frequently used by social community. #FirstWorldProblems and #BraydenStrong are two popular examples.

Most hashtags fall in above categories with the obvious exception of very standard tags like #love, #poetry and #pain. Interestingly, there is another form of hashtags that are literally used every day of the week.

Hashtags for everyday of the week

Hashtags are used by people & brands on daily basis to become part of discussions. Following day based hashtags have evolved over the passage of time;

Monday – #MondayBlues, #ManCrushMonday, #MCM and #MeowMonday

Tuesday – #TransformationTuesday, #TT, and #TuesdayTreat

Wednesday – #WellnessWednesday, #WayBackWednesday and #WoofWednesday

Thursday – #ThrowbackThursday, #TBT, and #ThursdayFunDay

Friday – #FollowFriday, #FF, and #FridayFun

Saturday – #SaturdaySwag and #Caturday

Sunday – #SelfieSunday and #SundayFunday

#WoofWednesdayIf you don’t have the time to come up with unique post ideas, use every-week-of-the-day hashtags to make social media updates. However, make sure you don’t create your hashtag marketing strategy entirely around them.

How to use hashtags – Basic Points to consider

Hashtag usage is not rocket science but even experienced marketers sometimes get them wrong. Pay attention to following points to learn how to use hashtags effectively;

  • Make sure your campaign hashtag is easy to spell, remember, and not very lengthy.
  • Attention span of Twitter users is very low. So, keep tweets short and sweet.
  • Use a hashtag that your audience can resonate with and hints about your product, brand or well-known marketing pitch.
  • Run a search on your chosen hashtag to see what kind of results it generates. In case it is already associated with some other brand or brings out something negative, desert it & look for another.
  • Careful study your chosen hashtag for double meanings, slangs, and linguistic issues. Always take a second opinion before finalizing
  • Restrict hashtag usage in individual posts. While hashtag tolerance varies from channel to channel, keep them below 3 to remain on the safe side.

Above basic guiding points will help you avoid hashtag blunders but to make your hashtag campaign a success, you need a hashtag marketing strategy.

Marketing strategy to use hashtags effectively

Whether you want to run a Twitter hashtag marketing campaign or Instagram hashtag promotion, you need a master strategy to engage users and generate interest. Think about following points while creating your hashtag strategy;

Goal determination – Defining social goals is critical to come out with the right pitch. Do you want your hashtag to reach top trends on Twitter or aim to appear for a popular hashtag search query on Facebook? Define your goals for getting the right response.

Hashtag research – Extensive research is important to find the right hashtag. Consider generic hashtags that resonate well with your product, audience and campaign theme. Nike’s #makeitcount is a great example.

Push strategy – For social media beginners, initial push or publicity is important. Think how you are going to send out the message about your hashtag campaign. Brands partner with influencers and invest in paid marketing to reach their target audience. So, think how you are going to get the initial eyeballs.

Participation strategy – Starting a hashtag campaign and not following up with the interactions is the worst thing you can do. Create a participation strategy and define how you will interact through hashtag. Communicate with people through mentions and keep a close eye on threads.

Campaign promotion – Even if your hashtag campaign is Tumblr based, other social media campaigns can generate additional buzz and coverage. Inform your followers on other social media channels about the ongoing activity. Sharing campaign information and user generated content is a great way of doing the same.

Needs more tips about how to use hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Tumblr?

Here they are!

  • Studies have shown that engagement improves when links and hashtags are used together. So, remember the formula, Link + Hashtag = Better Engagement.
  • Use your brand tags in your online marketing campaigns to improve recall.
  • Take your most important tags offline. Promote your online hashtag based campaign through offline merchandise.
  • Don’t forget to run risk assessment while planning a hashtag campaign
  • Set realistic expectations for your campaign.

Facebook was the last one to bow down to the power of hashtags and optimized its system for them in 2013. You can choose to avoid them or make them part of your social media strategy to get better brand visibility & benefits.

Do you have any questions about using hashtags to improve your social engagement and response? Share your questions in the comment section or get in touch with us directly.

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Why Investment in Online Reputation Management is Smart Business Decision?

Business owners think about online reputation management when someone posts bad online reviews about them. Considering people are increasingly using internet to talk & share brand reviews, the threat of negative online feedback is even greater.

investment in online reputation management is smart business decision

In such a scenario, waiting for negative online reviews and feedback to invest in online reputation management can cost you dearly.

Below are some reasons why you should invest in ORM service before negative online publicity happens;

Reputation is fragile online – Brands have never been more vulnerable. Internet has empowered everyone to hold an opinion and share it through social media. Customers use sites like Ripoffreport, Yelp and ComplaintsBoard to share feedback. In such a scenario, brands need to protect their fragile brand reputation with professional management services.

Negative links cannot be deleted – Unless website owner agrees to do so (which almost never happens), you will never be able to bring down negative link entirely. They can be pushed down in ranking but rarely removed. However, with effective reputation building and monitoring strategy in place, you can stop such bad links to reach first page results.

Best estimate of brand value – By investing in reputation monitoring, you will have a better understanding of customer sentiment. In case people are criticizing your brand over a specific matter, you can come forward and clear the matter before any major reputation damage. So, brand monitoring & management will also lead for improvements.

Online Reputation Management Better reputation management approach – Being proactive is the best way to handle reputation management crisis. Established businesses track their brand name online to take timely action against defaming content and negative posts. This is obviously a better approach than acting in haste to handle reputation attack.

Small investment – Removing an authority link of negative nature from Google’s first page can take more than a year in worst cases. You can imagine the business loss from such a negative online resource. Business owners have become aware of this and thus prefer to play it safe by investing a small amount in reputation management services.

remove negative links and feedback from internet Online reputation building, monitoring and management will not only help you in dominating Google’s first page results but also prepare you better for web obsessed future. If high cost of online reputation management stopping you from going for it, then, let’s take this moment to break a myth.

Truth behind cost of online reputation management

Under the illusion of high online reputation management cost, business owners hesitate to invest in online brand building and monitoring. However, the truth is entirely different. The cost of online reputation management is actually in the budget of even small businesses.

FATbit Technologies is one of the few reputation management agencies that handle reputation management projects at small monthly budget. Check out reputation management packages for better cost undertaking.

So, are you still going to wait for a negative review to ruin your online presence?

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Top 10 New Jersey Website Design Companies List 2014

Local businesses of New Jersey are searching top website design companies in the region to take them online and work on their unique web ideas. To help searchers of NJ, we have created the list of New Jersey’s best website design companies. Read on to find the best web services providers of NJ;

Name of The Web Design Company: Graphic D-Signs
Website URL:
NJ Ad Agency & Web Design Company

Name of The Web Design Agency: Splendor Design Group
Website URL:
Wordpress Website Design, Graphic Designer, New Jersey Design Studio

Top Web Design CompanyName of The Web Design Company: NJYP
Website URL:
Web Design & Development – New Jersey, Online Marketing Agency

Name of The Web Design Company: Bower Web Solutions
Website URL:
NJ Web Design Company SEO Ecommerce Developers

Name of The Web Design Firm: iSite Marketing
Website URL:
SEO NJ – New Jersey SEO & Web Design Company NJ

Name of The Web Design Company: LForm
Website URL:
LFORM NJ Web Design, Custom Website Development

Recomended Web Design Agency
Name of The Web Design Agency: Northern Pride
Website URL:
Northern Pride Web Site Design, Sparta New Jersey

Name of The Web Design Company: Cyber X Designs
Website URL:
NJ Website Design and NJ Web Development by Cyber X

Name of The Web Design Company: JasonHunter Design
Website URL:
NJ Web Design, NJ Website Development Services

Recommended Web Design Company
Name of The Web Design Firm: Manna Design
Website URL:
NJ Web Design, Award Winning Designs, Ecommerce, WordPress

New York based businesses also hire web design companies of New Jersey for their professionalism and technical expertise. While we did our share of research, make sure you check industry experience, development expertise and design packages of all the listed agencies before taking the final decision.

Do you want any specific queries answered before making your hiring decision? Consult our web design experts for friendly answers and no sales pitch.

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You cannot make SEO work until these Errors Persist

To make SEO work you need not have a big budget plan or an astonishing Google theory to apply. All companies almost use same methods & techniques but they do it differently. This difference in approach is all what makes SEO work and fail.

Best Things to do in Lake Como this Summer vacations –  Boat Tours, Fireworks & More

Are you getting low or useless traffic even after hiring the best SEO Company?

It could be mishmash of SEO practices that’s probably leading to poor traffic and no improvement in online presence. Before we tell you more, tell us:

  • Are you getting enough unique visitors every month?
  • Do your visitors generate sales leads for you?
  • Are you able to convert those visitors?

It’s certain that your SEO plan lacks strategic implementation if your website is missing any of these 3 benefits. Having worked on many SEO projects, we have studied several such cases of irrelevant or low traffic and found following reasons why sometimes SEO does not give expected results:

Incomplete Optimization

Usually companies concentrate on 3-4 pages and ignore complete website while optimizing for search engines. This makes you an underachiever, limits potential traffic and thereby hurdles growth prospects. See, it’s as simple as that if you are getting 20 visitors a day (after optimizing just four pages of a website); you have the opportunity to make it 40 by optimizing rest of the 4 pages too. Why to close eyes to other pages of your website and miss the traffic that they can derive.
It is one of the most common errors and not even SEO agencies ever try to put this point forward, which keeps this tradition on eventually.

Focusing just on Search Traffic

SEO in 2014 is not just about bringing a website on the top of SERPs or wanting all relevant search queries to find your way. It rather focuses on optimizing website in a way that brings all four types of traffic- search, referrals, direct & social. But there is a conventional approach to focus on search traffic only, which restricts SEO and generates half of the complete traffic. As India’s trusted SEO agency, we recommend focusing on overall web presence so that you don’t miss any of the possible traffic. Pay equal attention to all 4 spheres and strategize your SEO activities to get visitors from all directions.

Wrong Internal/External linking

Linking strategy matters a lot in SEO. Your external as well as internal links have great impact on your PageRank & search engine rankings but most of the SEO mistakes tend to occur in this area only. The internal links you add on a website must be useful for users. Websites are seen using hundreds of link on page, which hampers content value and add nothing to user experience. Other things include linking to irrelevant pages, adding broken links, as this is strictly prohibited by Google.
Similarly while linking to external sites; people avoid checking the domain authority & relevance. Link optimization does not mean adding any-which link because Google only supports your links when they are making sense to user and adding value to its search system.

Pointless Content Sharing

You are wasting your time if the content you produce does not serve interests of online users. Offering what people search and what they want to know shall be your topmost goal. Planning content without keyword research is like sailing a ship without a map- it takes you nowhere. It neither helps you attract traffic nor improves your position in SERPs.

 Un-Optimized Images

Images lose keyword benefits if not optimized for search engine. The text in images does not get crawled by Google so using alt-tag is the way to make them SEO friendly. Image file name, file size & alt description- all three things matter enough for image optimization.

 Robotic Social Media Marketing

Sharing updates like all other do is the biggest mistakes of SEO & companies seem to repeat it. Social media complements SEO but only if you can deliver value to your social fans/networks/followers. Machine like approach does not work as sharing on networks is more of a connection building. It offers you lead, brings traffic & improves overall brand image that ultimately helps a website in search engine too. You cannot afford to miss powerful content strategy if sharable content is your goal.

Don’t Put Your Website in the Lowest Slot due to Unplanned Strategies

Invest in Right SEO

Every company applies more or less similar SEO methods but still show different results. All that differs is how you identify your weaknesses and turn them into strength by focusing on the growth prospects.

That’s how FATbit handles its SEO projects. We run an SEO check before planning strategies to attract traffic to a website. It increases possibilities of meeting expected results and makes our process more defined.

If you need any consultation from our SEO experts, then begin a discussion or else you may leave your comments below to share your views.

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